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126 Pcs. Weather Pack Starter Kit
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JT&T Products Item #: 6963F -

The 6963F Weather Pack (W/P) Kit has all the essential components needed to make a complete weather resistant connection. Kit Includes: (2203.-Qty.10) - 20-18 AWG FM Tin Plated W/P Terminals (OEM#12089188) (2200.-Qty.10) - 20-18 AWG M Tin Plated W/P Terminals (OEM#12089040) (2211.-Qty.10) - 16-14 AWG FM Tin Plated W/P Terminals (OEM#12010182/12124580) (2208.-Qty.10) - 16-14 AWG M Tin Plated W/P Terminals (OEM#12089305/12124582)...