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    No, these aren't wiring products, but the guys at Set-It-Fast are good friends of ours and offer a great innovative product. We wanted to make it available to any of our customers that might be interested. 

    Set-It-Fast offers a huge improvment in Productivity and Safety!

    The Set It Fast Drop-In Anchor setting tool provides a revolutionary patented system for installing drop-in anchors. This system is the choice of professional contractors in all construction trades. It provides a safe and efficient method for installing anchors overhead, in walls, or in floors. This setting tool significantly reduces the risk of anchor failure due to improper setting.

    See Additional Info tab for video and instructions, or go to for more info.

    Use Setting Tools in the "Rotary-Hammer function ONLY"
    NOT the "Hammer only function".

    Before using the "Set-It-Fast" setting tool, be sure to:

    1. Review the guidelines and installation instructions of your anchor manufacturer prior to installing anchors.
    2. Review the guidelines and operating instructions for your rotary hammer prior to using the rotary hammer.
    3. Use a rotary hammer with sufficient power and impact to set the anchor according to the manufacturer's requirements. This can be checked by hammering the setting tool by hand with a hammer to see if additional setting depth can be achieved. If you can drive the internal wedge in deeper by hammering, your rotary hammer lacks sufficient impact power to set the anchor properly.
    4. Prior to loading the anchor with equipment or materials, test the anchor for proper set or pullout while bolting or attaching to it.

    Operating instructions for the proper use of the "Set-It-Fast" setting tool:

    1. Drill the hole for your anchor to the proper size and depth.
    2. Remove all drilling debris from the hole with a blow tube or other apparatus.
    3. Replace the drill bit from the rotary hammer with the "Set-It-Fast" setting tool.
    4. Slide the sleeve of the "Set-It-Fast" tool forward and insert the anchor on the tip of the tool.
    5. Slide the anchor into the drill hole until the full depth is achieved. The sleeve will retract automatically.
    6. Turn on the power to your drill while you continue to apply pressure to the anchor.
    7. When fully set, the tip of the "Set-It-Fast" tool will stop driving the internal wedge deeper. The time required to completely set the anchor will depend on your anchor and the power of your rotary hammer.
    8. Withdraw the "Set-It-Fast" tool from the anchor and test the anchor for full set.
    Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
    3/8" Set It Fast Drop-In Concrete Anchor Setting Tool
    1/2" Set It Fast Drop-In Concrete Anchor Setting Tool
    3/8" MINI Set It Fast Drop-In Concrete Anchor Setting Tool