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Wiring Depot can offer custom wiring products solutions.

Converting bulk product to basic assemblies, prepackaged items or kits can be a time consuming process that diverts focus from your primary business functions. Allow us to make it easy for you. We are the experts in light assembly, kitting and packaging products efficiently and accurately – it is what we do every day. If you are faced with a custom wiring dilemma, utilize our highly trained associates to handle your needs, and free up your resources for other tasks.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Portion bulk product into custom consumer size options (i.e. bulk box of 50000 pieces portioned into retail sized 50 pc packages)
  • Custom Wiring Assemblies - For instance, need 1000 5" pieces of 12 gauge wire with a particular terminal on each end? We can do that.
  • Custom Kitting - Perhaps you need 500 bagged kits that include 12' of wire bundled with 10' of Flex Guard tubing and 2 ring terminals. Our efficient team can handle that for you.
  • Wiring Depot can also fill bulk and OEM orders. We stock deeper than many other providers. When we don't have enough to fill your requirements, we can offer accurate lead times for your planning.

We feature:

  • Highly trained, experienced, efficient associates
  • Great facility with resources necessary to complete custom wiring assemblies accurately and efficiently
  • Precision weighing, measuring, and cutting equipment

Contact us today to discuss your custom wiring needs.775-322-7000x108