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    NEW FOR 2022!

    The 6981F Wire Clamp /Clip Assortment kit features 65 pieces. It includes a wide variety of wire organization and routing clips. Insulated cable clamps in 9 different sizes and all three sizes of steel frame clips. This kit will ensure you have what you need for your next wire routing project.

    Rubber Insulated Clamps are made with cold rolled steel and have a 1/4" mounting hole. Attributes include soft-touch, durability, resistance to heat and various fluids. Rubber is an excellent insulator for electrical installation and provides a consistent thickness throughout.

    Spring Steel Push-On Frame/Wire Clips are ideal for securing wiring inside automobile chassis. Holds wires to structures such as truck or trailer frames; snap mount.

    Kit Includes:

    JTT PN Description Kit Qty
    4464 1/4” Insulated Cable Clamp 8
    4466 3/8” Insulated Cable Clamp 8
    4468 1/2” Insulated Cable Clamp 6
    4470 5/8” Insulated Cable Clamp 6
    4472 3/4” Insulated Cable Clamp 5
    4474 7/8” Insulated Cable Clamp 4
    4476 1” Insulated Cable Clamp 4
    4478 1-1/4” Insulated Cable Clamp 2
    4484 1-1/2” Insulated Cable Clamp 2
    519 Small Steel Frame Clip 8
    520 Medium Steel Frame Clip 6
    521 Large Steel Frame Clip 6