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    Key Points:

    • Hi-Temp Resin Saturated Fiberglass sleeve protects delicate components from temperatures up to 648°C (1,200°F).
    • Also called insultherm, this sleeving is densely braided from fiberglass yarns & saturated with high temperature resins.
    • Is tough & durable, maintaining its tight structure under extreme vibration, mechanical stress & temperature variations.
    • Will not melt, burn or support combustion under normal conditions & will remain flexible & intact across a wide range of operating enviornments.
    • The slight expanding of sleeving allows it to easily slip over hoses wire bundles or other applications with bends or imperfect surfaces.
    • Commonly used as a thermal protection for wires, cables & hoses that are subjected to continuous high-temp enviornments, such as engine manifolds & exhaust systems.
    • Cuts easily with scissors or sharp knife.
    • Inner Diameter: 3/8"
    • Halogen Free.
    • Once the sleevng is cut & installed, it can be terminated with any high temperature tape or locking type cable tie.  Some applications may not require any terminations.