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    JT&T (CMKN4) - Deluxe Case Mod Sleeving Kit, Purple

    After the flashing fan lights, the neon glow, the custom water-cooled case and the supercharged components, the final touch for computer case customization is "modding" the cables that connect everything. Our Case Mod customization provides computer enthusiasts with many products to choose from, including UV reactive colors, to manage and customize the wires, cables and hoses in their supercharged custom cases.

    Kit includes:
    10' - 1/8" Purple Expandable Braided Sleeving
    10' - 1/4" Purple Expandable Braided Sleeving
    5' - 3/8" Purple Expandable Braided Sleeving
    5' - 1/2" Purple Expandable Braided Sleeving
    12 Pcs. - 4" Purple Cable Ties 
    1'- 9mm Purple Heat Shrink Tubing
    1'- 18mm Purple Heat Shrink Tubing
    6" - 24mm Purple Heat Shrink Tubing

    Working With Braided Expandable Sleeving
    Braided expandable sleeving is the ideal solution for neatly and economically bundling and protecting wire or cable assemblies. The light, flexible sleeving installs easily and expands up to 150% to fit over plugs, inline connectors and splices.

    Measuring: The sleeving should be measured on the actual wire or cable on which it will be installed. As it expands radially, the length will shorten slightly. Just slip the sleeve over your application, mark the cut line with a pen or a marker, and remove it to cut the ends. Careful measurement will prevent mistakes and minimize wasted material.

    Cutting: It is highly recommended that the sleeving be cut with a hot knife, rope cutter, soldering iron with a cutting tip, or some other system that will cut and seal the ends to prevent fraying during installation. When the ends are cut and sealed, flare them slightly with your fingers to allow your wires to slip in easily.

    Installing & Terminating: The easiest way to install the sleeving over long wire runs is to simply "walk" the sleeve down the length of the wire. Just push the slack sleeving onto the end of the wire and slide it down the entire run. When you reach the end of the installation, slide your hands along the entire length to smooth out the sleeving and produce a finished look. To finish the ends, you can use heat shrink tubing in the appropriate size, nylon cable ties, or even electrical tape. If the ends of the sleeving were properly cut and sealed, the installation should last a long time and produce a professional, finished look on virtually any wire, cable or hose application.

    Manufactured by Techflex, Inc.