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1/2" Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom

  • Meets requirements of SAE-J562A & HH-T-791 A,B,C.
  • Meets Ford, Chrysler, GM & Packard Electric Specifications (see above).
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: -40C (-40F) to 135C (275F).
  • Maximum Temperature: 176C (350F).
  • Flame-Retardant Coating: Yes.
  • Material: Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom.
  • Longer lengths may not be a continuous piece, and may be spliced

    Manufactured by the same company, on the same equipment, for over 100 years! If you are looking for an authentic asphalt coated loom for your restoration project, this is it!

    JT&T Asphalt-Coated Fabric loom is a flame-retardant, non-metallic flexible conduit woven from the highest grade yarns & fibers. Standard products are a blend of cotton/poly fiber, PET monofilament & an asphaltic resin. Meets MIL-Spec, SAE-Spec, Ford, Chrysler & General Motor Specifications. Military Specs: HH-T-791 A,B,C. SAE Spec: SAE-J562A. Ford Specs: ESB-M3L38-A, ESF-M3L45-A, ESB-M99H96. Chrysler Specs: MS-542, MSJZ9-31. GM Specs: GM-675, 676, 677, 678-M, Packard Electric Speck: PM451. Fabric Loom is available in additional sizes & in additional colors by special order. Woven loom is typically shock absorbent, completely flexible, dimensionally stable & sound absorbent. Woven loom is often used in wire harnesses, fuel and vacuum lines, battery cables, oil indicators, control rods, EGR tubes and mold ducts. Specifically it has been used to protect truck battery cables during engine installation, prevent damage to starter cables during engine installation, prevent damage to wiring where exposed to sheet metal, protect copper air brake lines from stone damage & protect jumper wires between tractors & trailers. It is coated with a special flame-retardant, black bituminous coating & is ideal for harsh environments. Available in additional sizes, formulations & in additional colors by special order. Temperature rating from -40°C (-40°F) to 135°C (275°F)

    Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
    1/2" Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom, 10 ft
    1/2" Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom, 50 ft
    1/2" Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom, 1000 ft