All About Sleeving & Wire Loom

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Which tubing or sleeving option is right for you?

Wiring Depot offers a wide variety of tubing – it can be confusing deciding which is best for your application. Here is a quick rundown of some of the more popular types.

Flex Guard Split Loom Tubing:

Split Loom Tubing is one of our most popular products. It is a quick way to protect and beautify wires, cables, hoses, etc. This tubing has a split down the side so it can be used over pre-installed cables. It is commonly found in automotive engine compartments to organize and protect wiring. The most common form of split loom tubing is polyethylene - which is great for most general applications up to 200F. It is also available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Have a cat or dog that likes chewing on wires? Many owners of destructive pets have found their animals don’t like the taste or texture of split loom tubing and leave it alone.

Nylon and Flame retardant versions for heavy duty applications are also available.

Installing long lengths of split loom can be rough on your fingers. If you have a larger job, consider getting a split loom installation tool. It also makes the installation much faster!

Spiral Cut Tubing:

Spiral cut tubing wraps around the wire. It can be used in shorter sections to bundle wires into groups. It is easy to install, remove, or extract one wire from the group. The spiral split has more of a springy characteristic which allows it to expand a bit and fit over a wider range wires. It also doesn’t allow wires to pop out of the bundle in corners as can sometimes happen with split loom.

Asphalt Coated Fabric Loom:

Asphalt loom can withstand higher temperatures, is flame resistant, and is more abrasion and chemical resistant that split loom tubing. It has no split, so wire installation is more challenging. It was commonly found in older cars and motorcycles, so it is popular with enthusiasts who prefer an authentic look.

Expandable Sleeving:

Expandable sleeving is most frequently seen in electronics but is also used in many automotive and marine applications. Because it can expand to double its resting diameter, it is handy when you need to protect or bundle wires that have bulky ends already installed.

Standard expandable sleeving should be cut with a hot knife to prevent fraying, however “clean cut” sleeving can be cut with standard scissors. Flame retardant versions are also available for extreme applications.

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