What are Clear Window Butt Connectors?

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What are Clear Window Butt Connectors?

Check out Wiring Depot’s line of Sealed Heat Shrink WINDOW connectors. These connectors are often overlooked because users don't understand its many features. They are a significant improvement over traditional crimp connectors. The heat shrink insulation ensures a sealed connection that won’t corrode. Plus, clear window butt connectors offer a unique opportunity to visually inspect the integrity of your electrical connection.

Clear Window Butt Connectors offer the following visual assurances:
• Ensures the wire is crimped to connector
• Ensures the center of crimp barrel is properly crimped
• Clearwaterproof insulation allows for indisputable inspection of the wire’s condition


The Crimp Barrel:
• Window in center of connector assures that wire is seated properly and that the wire is being crimped to the connector
• Color-coded stripes identify wire gauge size to be used with connector
• Color-coded stripes also indicate/guide the installer to the proper crimp position on the
center of the barrel
• Seamless barrel butt connectors ensure superior crimp performance
• Wire-stop in butt connectors prevents over insertion of wire

The Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing:
• Cleartubing provides optimal clarity for visual inspection
• Adhesive-Lined tubing ensures a waterproof seal
• Wire gauge imprint simplifies wire size identification

Buy them HERE.

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