Automotive Split Loom Tubing Color Codes

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Automotive Split Loom Tubing Color Codes:

Auto manufacturers now code the tubing colors on new cars to call attention to higher voltage circuits. This protects service people from shocks and damaged equipment – much test equipment are designed for 12v or 24v systems. Also this protects first responders when extracting people after a crash.

Black with stripe – high temp for underhood applications (Nylon tubing)

Blue or Yellow – Higher voltage circuits up to 42V – Power steering motors, diesel injectors

Orange – Very high voltage 144v - 650V – Hybrid and electric vehicles. Use caution when working with wiring covered in orange tubing. Electrical shock from these systems can cause serious injury, fires, or even death. Note standard electrical test equipment may not be able to handle the voltage present in hybrid electrical systems. 

Pink – Anti bacterial, used in vehicles like food trucks

Unfortunately colored high temp nylon tubing is not currently available in the retail market. Standard PET is available in a variety of colors, but care must be taken to keep it away from high heat sources.

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