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Price: $12.59


    RJ11, RJ12, RJ22, and RJ45 connectors on CAT3, 5E, and CAT6 Cables

    Designed to crimp RJ11, RJ12, RJ22, and RJ45 connectors onto CAT3, 5E, and CAT6 cables, this feedthrough connector crimper is perfect for any network installer. This crimper features the following:

    • Ratcheted, ultra-stable platform for consistent terminations with low hand force
    • Tool includes built in jacket strippers for round and flat cables 28-24 AWG (0.32 - 0.64 mm diameter)
    • 2 crimping slots: one for 8 position modular connectors and one for 6 and 4 position modular connectors
    • Durable all-steel construction with heavy duty cutting blade good for 3,000 cuts
    • Cable Parameters: 28-24 AWG (0.32 - 0.64 mm diameter) flat or round, solid or stranded, telephone or data

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